I finally did it - I got a call that works in a CW contest! I decided I was tired of confusing people with /1 or /7, so I got a local call when I moved to Arizona. Fortunately it also works in Roundup, Montana, where I now live.

I've been an amateur radio operator (ham) since high school. I was first licensed as WN6BIG (dumb luck) in 1962. Changed to WB6BIG when I got my general a few months later. I owe a lot to the hobby and the people who helped me along the way. I took a long leave from the hobby, but I've recently spent some time reacquainting myself with the joys of tinkering with technology and communicating with people all over the world. I'm not sure why I find it so intriguing, but I do. For a short time I also held the call WA1WOE. I also held the call N0XMV in the days when "N" calls were for Navy MARS.

My primary interest is tinkering around with various tools and technologies. I use contests as a vehicle to test things. These days I spend most of my operating time in RTTY and CW contests. You'll usually find me doing Search and Pounce. I also work on a few utilities related to WriteLog a contest logging program. The main utility is called FKeys and you can download it from this site if you'd like to try it.

My current station consists of a Flex 6600M with TGXL and PGXL for HF and an IC-9700. For contesting I use WriteLog. This is a far cry from the SX140/HT40 and Model 26 TTY of 1963. When I'm on the road I carry a Flex 6500 and a '

San Carlos, CA 1963 Laveen, AZ 2010
Old Trike New Trike

Roundup, MT 2009


Roundup, MT 2022